Release Film

Pro-Vac Release Film

General Purpose Release Film

Release Film
PV-40-P3 Standard Flow and PV-40-P31 Low Flow General Purpose Release Films

PRO-VAC General Purpose Release Film for use in resin infusion processing of advanced composite structures. It is compatible with a wide range of epoxy, polyester, and vinylester resin system. The perforations are hot needled to ensure even resin saturation throughout the laminate. The films are sky blue. P3 is standard flow for wet bagging and prepregs. P31 is low flow for vacuum infusion.

Sold in 500 m roll.

Download PV 40 General Purpose Release Film Technical Data Sheet


PV-40-P3 1.52 m x 500 m Standard Flow Wet Bagging & Prepregs
PV-40-P31 1.52 m x 500 m Low Flow Vacuum Infusion