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Flexible Mold Release Tape

Pressure Sensitive Multipurpose Tapes
PV-13-50 Flexible Mold Release Tape

PRO-VAC Flexible Mold Release Tape is a high-temperature, unreinforced Teflon tape that removes cleanly from demanding substrates after high-temperature and pressure cure cycles. This tape uses a silicone adhesive and is rated to 500°F (260˚C). With a high tensile strength and low elongation properties, it’s ideal for surface release on mold flanges and for covering joints when using a reinforced mold release film. The combination of its properties makes it very easy to strip after use.

Sold in a 33 m long roll.

Download PV-13 Technical Data Sheet

PV-13-50, 50 mm x 33 m


Pressure-Sensitive Multipurpose Tape

PV-13 Mold Release Tape
PV-25-25 and PV-25-50 Pressure-Sensitive Multipurpose Tapes

PRO-VAC Pressure-Sensitive Multipurpose Tape is an economical pressure-sensitive tape intended for general workshop use including vacuum infusion, wet lay-up bagging, and bag-to-bag (envelope bagging) processes. It is a silicone adhesive on a polyester backing that can be used up to 356˚F (180˚C). This tape is compatible with most vacuum films and tool surfaces and can easily be removed following oven or autoclave processing. Its blue color is great for easy identification on the mold. Performs best at room temperature and if used at elevated temperatures should be allowed to cool to room temperature before removal from the surface. If the tape is too cold the tack levels will be dramatically reduced.

Sold in bags of nine 66 m long rolls (PV 25-25) or four 66 m long rolls (PV 25-50). 

Download PV-25 Technical Data Sheet

PV-25-25 is 25 mm wide, 66 m long roll. 9-roll bag totals 594 m

PV-25-50 is 50 mm wide, 66 m long roll. 4 roll bag totals 264 m