Vacuum Bag Film

General Purpose Vacuum Bag Film

Pro-Vac General Purpose Vacuum Bag Film
PV-150 General Purpose Vacuum Bag Film

PRO-VAC General Purpose Vacuum Bag Film is excellent for use with polyester and epoxy infusion systems, and in the production of large, complex parts. It’s a tough, puncture resistant co-extrusion of polyolefin and nylon based resins. Due to its structure, this product is less sensitive to deviations in humidity than other popular vacuum bag films. This film is designed for the low-temperature composite processing. The film’s range is appropriate for use with composites from small-scale automotive parts to large resin infusion of wind blades and yachts. Use in the production of epoxy and polyester/vinylester resin-infused components. Green, low-temperature (120ºC), co-extruded, PO/PA/PO vacuum film.

Sold in rolls. See roll sizes below.

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PV-150-2 2 m x 400 m
PV-150-4 4 m x 200 m
PV-150-6 6 m x 125 m
PV-150-8 8 m x 80 m